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World's largest fish breeding area discovered in Antarctica

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Article in Current Biology January 2022: Dr Autun Purser, Lilian Boehringer, Laura Hehemann and Ellen Werner were the Ocean Floor Observation and Bathymetry System (OFOBS) team of the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research who made the discovery of the 60 million fish nests in the Weddell Sea, in February 2021. Myself and Dr Horst Bornemann contributed the Weddell seal foraging hot-spot analysis, which showed that the seals are spending 90% of their time over the fish nests area. Dr Autun Purser has done multiple media interviews and was in the news all over the world - see some highlights here. Here, in South Africa, I also spoke to media about the fish nest discovery and what it means for our understanding of the Weddell Sea, the Marine Protected Area, and Southern Ocean ecosystem functioning in general.

Find the scientific publication here.

Read the University of Pretoria's press release here.

Listen to my talk with Stephen Grootes on SAFm here.

View my interview with Tapfuma Makina on eNCA here.

Listen to my interview with Pippa Hudson on CapeTalk here.

Fish nests in Weddell Sea (Image: AWI OFOBS team)

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